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Dhammadūta: Writing, Teaching, Preaching and Meditation


1. Department of Vinaya Studies
2. Department of Suttanta Studies
3. Department of Abhidhamma Studies
4. Department of Kammatthānabhāvanā Studies
5. Department of Buddhist Philosophy
6. Department of Pāli Literature
7. Department of Buddhist History & Culture


Research Center is a backbone of DCU when it comes to studying in the area of Buddhism. The center will be prioritized to make necessary analysis such as publishing research papers, doing research in close coordination with scholars/professionals.


The main objective of the center is to raise the capacity of 20students regarding with the knowledge of information technology including basic computer training, special training and upgrading the skill of IT knowledge required for all students during this academic year.


Language center has been providing English language proficiency skill trainings- Basic English Level I, Basic English Level II and the Training for Trainers (TOT) programme in order to improve the level of proficiency skill for the students studying at DCU.


There are more than thousands of books regarding with Pāli literatures, Buddhist cannons, commentaries and English version in main library of DCU. Nowadays, DCU has been preparing to supply additional books such as Pāli literature, history of Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy.