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Dhammadūta: Writing, Teaching, Preaching and Meditation


Dhammadūta Chekinda University is established by Dhammadūta Sayadaw Prof. Dr. Ashin Chekinda with the aim of promotion and propagation of Buddhist teachings, in commemoration of the successful completion of ‘Shwekyin Nikãya Sakalasangha Samiti Confernce’, held once in three years for three times, inder the guidance of the most respected Warso Sayadawgyi, the 14th Adhipati Ukkattha Mahānāyaka of Shwekyin Nikāya and the most respeted Weik Zaw Tae Yon Sayadawgyi, the 15th Adhipati Ukkattha Mahānāyaka of Shwekyin Nikāya.


The DCU is recognized by State Sangha Mahānāyaka and Shwekyin Nikāya, Moreover, DCU is also a member of AMBUAC (Association of Myanmar Buddhist University, Academy and College).


Over the past 2600 years of Buddha Sāsana’s history, the most fundamental tasks of the members of Sangha are mainly learning, writing, lecturing, meditation, preaching Dhamma and sharing Dhamma. Practicing and preserving the teachings of the Buddha not only essential for us but also for others. CDU has been assisting those who want to learn Dhamma or those who want to promulgate the teachings of Buddha regardless of who they are.


As we firmly believe that we can build the World Peace through the individual peace by learning and practicing the Theravāda Buddha-Dhamma, our vision is to give priority to the propagation of Buddha Sāsana by nurturing the Dhammadūta monks.


  • to teach Theravāda Buddha-Dhamma by using the modern teaching-learning methods,
  • to train the students in Pariyatti (Learning) and Patipatti (practice) and
  • to train the Dhammadūta monks who are capable of carrying out the worldly benefits and Dhamma benefits after learning the Buddhist Literature.